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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cleaning My Room, Freeing My Soul

I cleaned my room this morning, just in time for the New Year. While taking out trash from my cabinets, wardrobe and study desk I found things which I no longer needed. There were headache tablets and pain capsules that were hidden behind a pile of paper in my desk. I noticed that most of them had expired a few months ago. I saw some of the pictures I considered lost tucked between a book that I had not finished reading. There were receipts of all sorts tacked on my cork board. I found two message slips bearing a message to return call to a friend. I remember not making that call. There were toys and stickers that were saved some months ago which I forgot to give away last Christmas. A Christmas card given to me last year went unanswered.

I also cleaned my glass windows of dust and grime. I realized that clean windows provide a much better view of the outside world and ushers fresh air into my room. I emptied my soap dish of melted soap. I threw away plastic bags and gift wrappers and used paper. I scrubbed the floor and found some coins nestled on a corner spot. I arranged my books and noticed that some of them I have not even opened.

Cleaning a room can be a spiritual experience. It mirrors cleaning an inner part of you that houses your soul. As I look back at the year that has been I notice things that used to cure me of many pains and ailments but when I insist on using them now might poison and kill me. I remember people who were there during my most troublesome times yet I have not even acknowledged their presence or thanked them. I also see things that preoccupied me which were not really that important. I remember places I visited and people I've encountered that gave me joy and sometimes deep sadness. I remember people who needed my help which I promptly ignored because I was too busy with something else. I remember occasions wherein I held back on giving joy to others or failed to allow myself to enjoy the present because I had been so worried by countless trivial matters. I see things more clearly now that my soul can roam freely unencumbered by many concerns.

I wish that this New Year will give me a new reason to continue to hope, to love, to give, to sacrifice.


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