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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Light of A Million Mornings

I was a first year novice when I first heard this song and I have to admit that I fell instantly in love with its melody and music. The song speaks about the wonderful and often mysterious ways God touches our lives especially when we find ourselves alone and embattled with our many problems. We may not realize it but He brings not only light into our darkened worlds but He takes us to the Light Himself so we may cease groping in the dark.

i couldnt see the sunshine through the shadows
i couldnt seem to find a soul to care
and in my darkest hour
you touch me with your power
and when i looked your light
was everywhere

the light of the million mornings filled my heart
the sound of a million angels sung my song
the warmth of a love so tender
touched my life and suddenly
the light of a million morning starts in me

i never tried to understand the sunrise
i know it takes away the dark
i cant explain your healing or all the joy im feeling
i only know you've come in to my heart

(repeat refrain)

and now that your glory
has come shining through
let my life be a candle, Lord
that shines for you,
shines for you
shines for you...


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