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Friday, December 16, 2005

Adeste Fideles

Adeste Fideles. O come all you faithful.

This song invites us to temporarily drop everything we are doing or are busy with and gather around the newborn Babe. It asks us to come and rest awhile and set aside all our worries and concerns.

We may not have the riches or power like the Wise Men had but we are also invited to be witnesses once more to the most magnificent and wonderful event in the history of mankind. We may not have gold, frankincense or myrrh in our hands to give to the Baby Jesus but we have wealth greater than these.

All our labors, our trials and sufferings, if they are offered to Him become the greatest treasure we can offer. By the glint of our works, the aroma of our toils and the sweet scent of our collective sacrifices we are giving Christ a treasure worth much more than the whole universe.

So come and adore Him. Come whatever we are doing. Come whoever we are. Come if we are sad or tired or sickened with life. But come escpecially if we are joyful and grateful that we have been blessed with a God who unselfishly gave His own Son to redeem us.

Let us behold, Christ the Lord!


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