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Friday, June 10, 2005

Not the Last Words

Why do people continue to harbor grudges or resentment long after a bad relationship has ended?
For many of us anger, bitterness and pain take the last words in our goodbye. Unresolved issues, unexpressed emotions, unexplained side of the argument leave a nasty taste in our mouth. We go on living our lives keeping hot coals of hatred and desire for vengeance in our hearts. And since we cannot satisfy this, our anger turns inward which causes depression and loneliness.

Not what happens if instead of anger, bitterness and pain, we forgive, we continue to love, we let go? We not only free ourselves from physical and psychical pain but we embrace our very humanity and allow growth and healing to take place.

I recently had a falling out with a long-time friend. Our parting has really hurt me because a lot of things remain unresolved. I wanted so much to talk with him but he wanted none of it. He walked out on me. Now, I cannot force him to open up to me or restore the friendship that we once had. I can either live my life with so much bitterness, hurt and pain or I can let go, forgive and have love the last say. I choose the latter option.

I don't know whether we'll become friends again. But I know that anger and bitterness and pain are not the last words that would characterize the friendship that I cherished for years.


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