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Sunday, May 08, 2005

What is a Mother?

A mother is someone who wakes in the middle of the night
Just so she could see if her child is warm in bed
She won't eat unless she's certain that you're fed
She teaches about what in the world is wrong or right

She treats your wounds that may bleed as hell
But she does'nt rest until you are fine and well
She reminds often, when you go out into the street
Look left and right, be polite to people you meet

She may be as harsh as towering tyrant
But only she has the tenderest of hearts
This world may be cruel as she often says
But right beside her you're safe and blest

Only a mother, they say, can love a child no matter what
She may not be perfect in virtue and many respect
But she sure does know, the anguish of a young man's heart
And in this regard, she is a woman blessed by God

for my Mother and all the mothers in the world in this day
that rightfully and joyfully celebrates their day. Happy Mothers' Day!!!


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