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Thursday, May 05, 2005

God's Magic Slates

When we were kids, our mother bought us some Magic Slates to encourage us to draw or write again and again without wasting so much paper. I think it did the trick. My sister has the perfect handwriting in the family, while the rest of us brothers learned how to draw and paint.

The idea behind the Magic Slate is fairly simple. By lifting the transparent films (away from the dark, gummy resin where a wooden pen made impressions) we are able to make the slate clean as new again. To us, young at hearts, it was nothing short of magic!

We spent countless hours drawing funny pictures and silly cartoons on it. We would write secret messages or play jokes with one another using it. Since the markings were so easy to erase, we found it convenient to use it as often as we liked.

I'm not sure whether kids these days are familiar with Magic Slates. Probably not if they have computers at home. Now, I recently realized that our relationship with God is so much like the Magic Slate. We commit sins, we are forgiven. And ooops! the record of our sins gone! Then we promise not to sin again but then again we do so the marks are there again. But God keeps on forgiving us the number of times we ask for forgiveness. And then the record of our sin is gone. Like magic.

Our God is a wonderful God who allows us to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. He does not stop us from sinning but takes us in when we want to go back to Him. Isn't He like magic?


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