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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pray Unceasingly

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Do not think that God's delays are God's denials. For all we know, He has not stopped working on your last request and even when you are fast asleep your prayers are being heard. So pray unceasingly. Storm heavens with you petition. Wasn't Jesus the one who said that if you ask something from his Father in his name, He would surely grant it?

Sometimes it can be so frustrating when we're asking for a particular thing and God's seems to be not listening. We are tempted to give up and play indifferent. After all, we reason out, He's playing dumb too. But God deals with us individually. He hears our every plea and petition. And He knows if such a request would be good for us or harm us. He knows too when the timing is right.

Think about a kid who asks his father for a motorcycle. The father does not say no to him but he does not immediately grant his boy's wish no matter how he loves him. Instead he waits for a more opportune time until the boy grows up and becomes more capable of taking care of himself, of driving the motorcycle and of not doing any harm to others. For the meantime, the father may give the boy a bicycle or a skateboard. But that doesn't mean that he has forgotten the boy's original request.

The same is true with our God. He hears our prayers but only He decides when to give and how to give what we want from Him. So never cease praying. For all you know, right at this very moment, God is answering your prayer.

The Son of the Prodigal


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