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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Today I'll Let God be God

Today I will let God be God
Step aside and let Him take lead of my life
Relinquish all control, actual and imagined
I have over my life
Let go all the nagging pains I feel inside
And let Him be a soothing balm of healing
I will let go of all anxieties that keep me wake at night
And let Him take care all my worries and concern

Today I will let God be God
Content myself as creature
Give him access to the dark and secret rooms
Of my heart and let Him bring warmth and light
Let Him lead me to paths I dared not go before
I will let Him sit me beside a running river
Under the shade of a tall and leafy tree

Today I will let God be God
And watch myself walk again
As a free human being...

The Prodigal Son


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