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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

God, Are You There?

When people ask me that they don't pray anymore because they feel that God was never "there" in their prayer, I usually ask them back: What do you mean by "there"?

I then receive responses such: "Well, you know. The feeling that HE is with me." Or, "Deep emotion accompanied by tears." Or, "Joy or exhiliration." Then I tell them that it is probably not God that they are looking for in their prayer but feelings of God, or beautiful thoughts about God.

God is ever present to us in any event of our lives especially when we feel that He is not "there". He is ever present with us even if the feelings that usually accompany His presence are absent. Like a mother or a father who watches over her/his son who is in coma. The son cannot feel or know the parent's presence. Nevertheless, the mother or father stays with the son until he gets well.

It is the same with prayer. So never despair when you feel that God is not "there" in your prayer. Rather, remember that even in those times when we feel most alone, abandoned, and rejected, God watches over us and hears our prayers.

Son of the Prodigal

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