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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Draw Water From The Wellspring of Your Pain

(For those who have been broken by love and vowed not to love again)

Do not be afraid to draw water from the wellspring of your pain
For you may find it bitter but its bitterness does not kill
Gulp it like a deer to quench the parched landscape of your soul
And to gladden your heart so toughened by indifference

For you have been used to drinking what is sweet
That you have forgotten that it is a delusion to believe
That life and the world is nothing but a garden of roses
Where thorn and mournful experiences never exist

Do not hesitate to veer away from the trodden path
If getting where you want to be and not someone else's
Is the price of getting lost in a dark and prickly wood
To emerge not unscathed but wounded by Wisdom

For you have seen so many people led astray by following
What they thought was the right and only way
Until they found out much to their woeful regret
That they let themselves be and have been deceived

Do not be afraid of splattering mud on your lofty ideas
For it is in walking through the muck that we discover
How much more filthy it is to have pure thoughts
That have never been pitted against the vagaries of time

For you yourself have been witness to many a man's genuis
That led to the betterment of not one single soul or creature
But framed like a portrait for all people to see and admire
Which they can never take home nor show to their children

Do not give up on Love even if you're hurting like hell inside
Because you'll find Heaven an unbearable place to live
If you've thrown your heart away like a losing deck of cards
When you have bet and lost against what you called love

For many a man like you have made their wager and lost
And thought it was the end of the cruel and taunting world
When all along they've yet to realize, that he who loves and loves
Despite the pain is the one who has truly gained--Everything.

Thanks to Paring Bert for the two lines here that served as my inspiration.


  • At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Donald said…

    Very powerful poem.

  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Noel Y. Bava said…

    thanks! they say that good poems come from the heart that is broken and made whole again.


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