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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Let the Children Come to Me

Why is it that Jesus is so fond of children that he even chastised his own friends for keeping them away from him? Because children are so transparent. They mean what they say. They show what they really feel. They freely express what they think about certain things. They are not afraid of what others feel or think about them. They just be.

Children are also dependent on adults. They need their parents to feed them, clothe them and send them to school. Children also know that they are not in control of most situations. They ask for help. They question. They try to get the attention of someone stronger, taller or more knowledgeable than they are.

But most of all, children know that no matter what happens their parents will take care of them.

We were children once but because of many hurtful experiences we had, we lost our childlike qualities. We learn to depend on ourselves because others are often unreliable or dishonest. We learn to take care of ourselves because often people can be so selfish and mean and can take advantage of us.

But with Jesus, we can be like children again. We can approach him like a father or a bigger brother or a learned friend. We can be transparent with him and tell him what we really feel or think these days. With Jesus, we can be what we really are. And that is, we are children of God.

Son of the Prodigal Father


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