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Friday, June 10, 2005

And Here's My Prayer for You

That you may grow wiser in life
That you may find friends along the way
That you continue to trust in the goodness of people
That you are gifted and beautiful and holy
despite your wounds and failings
That you may see truth amid the encircling gloom
That you may learn to let go of all the powers that
imprison you and let God take control
That in your pains you may find healing
and in your afflictions, comfort
That in the dark you may stumble holding on
to a flickering light and stand up just the same
That Life may give you enough troubles to make you
strong but not too much to maim or kill you
That you may find not simply answers to your Questions
but the capacity to ask for more questions and wait
for anwers that may not come or are too hard to take
That in your dealings with strangers you may find old
friends in them and in your friends new strangers
That in times of defeat you may learn to celebrate your
divinity and in times of triumph your humanity
That in the ebbing of your life you may look back at
what has been and what has not and see and remember
that once you had a friend and that friend still is
whatever had been, whatever will be and whatever will not be...


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