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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Making Jesus Our Very Best Friend

Can we really make Jesus our own best friend? Is it possible that this man who lived two thousand years ago would have anything to do with us? For many saints and martyrs this seems to be the case. We read from their autobiographies or pious works that they indeed have befriended Jesus and were willing to do anything, suffer anything and be anything for Him.

Imagine Jesus walking with you, eating with you, sleeping beside you, crying and hurting and loving with you. Difficult? Just imagine your best friend doing all things with you. Now replace this best friend of yours with the person of Jesus. What is the difference?

Imagine having someone who always understands you, will always be there with you, fulfills his every promise to you. Imagine having a friend who does not leave you or grow s tired with your complaints and eccentricities.

But the question is how? How can this Jesus be my best friend? If you know someone whom you want to be friends with, what do you do?

Start learning something about Jesus and from Jesus everyday and pretty soon, He'll really be your best friend.


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