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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Vendo God

One of the most amazing inventions of the twentieth century is the vendo machine. It's a machine that looks like a refrigerator with buttons and a coin/bill slot. The vendo dispenses products ranging from stamps and soda to condoms and cigarettes to anyone who wants them at anytime of the day. It's very simple to operate. You just have to insert into the slot a few coins or a paper bill and press some button combinations and presto, you have your cup of steaming cappuccino or an ice-cold softdrink.

But from time to time a snag happens: nothing comes out of the machine. Sometimes your coins or bills get "swallowed" by the machine and you can't get them back. Many times also, your coins or bills get "vomitted" by the machine and you stand frustrated until you begin kicking the machine or hitting it with your closed fist repeatedly. Then when you are too exhausted to do anything more you begin swearing at it. So much for technology!

Come to think of it, many of us treat God like a vendo machine. First we think about what things or favors we would ask from Him. Then with a few mumbled prayers (our coins and bills) coupled with a "charitable" work here and there and some sacrifice (our button combination) we demand something in return. And when we don't get it, we hit God repeatedly, we swear and curse Him. Then we leave in anger and frustration.

We expect God to be like a repository of good stuff available 24/7 , seven days a week. And that our prayers, no matter how sloppy, ought to coax out from Him a much-deserved goodie. And when He won't oblige our demands, we call Him names and do things that will hurt Him.


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