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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Straining the Gnat and Swallowing the Camel

Jesus can really be so archaic and funny at the same time. (Mt 23:23-26) He sounds like the old people: our parents, aged professors, anyone past the age of fifty. If you are not familiar with a gnat then the pun has just escaped you. A gnat is a very small insect the size of a tick. While a camel is a flying mammal (just kidding!). To strain a gnat is similar to split nose hair.

So what is really the point of Jesus? We are sometimes too caught up with the details of everyday life. We give too much premium on the non-essentials of living. We impose too many restrictions on others and ourselves. We go to great length of tiring ourselves over petty things.

Yesterday, I was really annoyed by a classmate who misquoted me in front of the class. I wanted to shout at her and tell her that she was very wrong. I got so irritated that even when I was already home I kept thinking about her and talking about her. I didn't want to let the "offense" go lightly. I wanted her punished, humiliated even.

Now, that is straining the gnat! Splitting nose hair. While I was busy criticizing her (for all I know, she was really unaware of what she said) I forgot that I was doing too much damage on her person and to myself. Why wouldn't I let go of my hurt? My attitude towards her was worse than her fault. I swallowed the camel while I strained the gnat. Poor me!


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