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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Even a Goldfish Has A Heart!

I'd just watched this low-budget but critically succesful film entitled Mga Pusang Ligaw (Stray Cats). It's about two friends (one gay and one independent-minded woman) who had been abused by their male lovers and how they have come to discover that sometimes friendship is better than their most passionate romantic relationships. In one very touching scene, Marta (Irma Adlawan) confronted her unfaithful boyfriend about his infidelities and endless alibis. She told him:

"Kahit ang goldfish may puso. Sunod sa katawan at kaluluwa ang puso ang pinakamagandang ibinigay ng Diyos sa atin. Binigyan niya tayo ng puso para umibig at ibigin. Hindi pala Siya perpekto. Nakalimutan niyang bigyan ka ng puso." (Even a goldfish has a heart. The next most wonderful thing that God gave us after our body and soul is our hearts. [It seems that] God is not perfect. He forgot to give you a heart.)

To those who make other people's heart bleed: may you all be goldfish in a stray cat's mouth! Ouch!

Watch it before it disappears from the big screen.


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