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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Prayer at the End of the Day

Father God,

As I lay myself to sleep I recall the events of the day:
the people I met
things I did, accomplished and left undone
places I've been
words I uttered
that cheered people up
or hurt them
thoughts I entertained
both the good and the bad
and what I did with them afterwards

I recall too my experiences of pain and joy
and where they came from and where they led me

I remember faces of people I've worked with
played with, fought with, argue with and made up with
and how I bring them closer or farther away from You

I thank you for the challenges You set before me
as well as the consolations I receive from the same
I ask for forgiveness for the many times I did not respond
to Your invitation
either because I was too busy to care
or am not paying attention
or I simply don't care

I ask You to watch over me and though I'm too big for angels
I ask You to send me one tonight
To give me pleasant dreams
and keep away the evil one

So that tomorrow
when I awake, I would recall Your goodness to me
and therefore begin, a new day filled with hope, gratitude and joy.

Your Son,

The Prodigal One


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