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Monday, July 18, 2005

Something Greater than Solomon

Mt 12:38-42

Some people have asked me about the political situation that has the whole nation in gripping suspense and anxiety, “Is there still hope for our country today? If there is, what are the signs that things will turn for the better?” These are honest questions from a citizen who sincerely desires to know the truth. With him are countless mothers, husbands, students and laborers asking the same questions.

It is not weakness to ask for signs when we continually see bleakness, contradiction and confusion around. A sign that points to which direction we should take when our leaders and shepherds have failed and misled us. True weakness is to lose hope amid the encircling gloom or to put our whole trust to mere human beings.

Today’s Gospel invites us to see beyond physical seeing. It invites us to see things with God’s own eyes. Nothing is permanent in this world. Not the war in Iraq, not the famine and diseases in most third world countries. Certainly not the chaos brought about by the Gloriagate issue. These things will pass.

No political pundit, economic expert, church leader nor activist will lead us to the whole truth. Christ alone has the truth because He is the Truth. In the turmoil that is happening within us and without, we are invited to seek His wisdom that advocates love rather than hatred, peacefulness rather than violence, forgiveness rather than bearing grudge, temperance rather than impetuousness. His wisdom unites, heals, makes brothers and sisters of us all. Christ is greater than Jonah or Solomon.


Loving Father, during these times of crises, when we feel discouraged and are losing hope make us realize that You are the God of the universe and that You won’t forsake us. Help us remember what You did to our nation in the past and with the help of Christ, may we see signs of Your continued love and guidance to all of us. Amen.


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