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Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Nation In Peril

These are precarious times. People are confused. The leaders of the land are quarreling among themselves. The shepherds and teachers are divided while their students and children go out into the streets. What are we to do when we are beset by confusion and division left and right?

I'm afraid that there is no easy answer to this question. It is not easy to offer an advice when oneself is confused and is seeking answer that tarries long to come. Rather than ask what to do, perhaps it is more prudent to ask what not to do.

Let us not be rash in our actions. Let us consider the consequences of every decision. Let us not be buoyed by passion or idealism alone. Let us not be tempted to try quick-fixes to an obviously long-term problem. Let us not lose hope. Our God is not simply a God who is personally involved in our life. Our God is a God of nations, a God of kingdoms and principalities. He is a God of time and space and of history.

Like a child who knows not when the storm will end but deeply trusts that his Father will be there for him, let us trust our God that He too will deliver us from the perils confronting our nation today and for years to come.


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