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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept. 11 Anniversary

Prayer for Peace in the Whole World

Lord God, we come together as people desirous to achieve peace in our world. We know the devastating effects of war and terrorism. We have seen the violence wrought by indifference and insensitivity towards the welfare our fellowmen. We gather as one people of different races, religion and nationality. We kneel before Your holy presence. We admit that there can be no peace unless we first have peace in our hearts.

Remove all hatred, all fear and all biases and all prejudices that have long taken shelter in our countries, in our cities, offices, schools, churches, homes and hearts. Banish every thought that puts our fellow human beings at a disadvantage or in a humiliating position. Make us all aware that we are Your children though we may have differences in opinion, ways of doing things, beliefs and skin color.

Remind us Lord that if we really want peace , we must strive hard for it and keep its spirit alive. We must never let a single ounce of discrimination seep into our judgment. May we not value people for what they have or not have but for what they really are. May You teach us compassion and humility and genuine care and concern for one another.

Heal our broken lives, our broken spirits and broken hearts. May Your kingdom reign in our lands, both now and forever. Amen.


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